Sunday, July 17, 2011

Computer (sort of) working.

Everything has a trade-off.  My computer has a 640GB drive with 100 GB partitions for Windows and Mac OS, a 45GB Linux partition, and the rest for data.  This works fairly well, except it makes iTunes (in Snow Leopard) asplode [sic] due to it not being in the fruit drive in the iTunes-approved format. Once Amarok gets a binary for Mac OS and I've got something with which to import my iTunes meta data, I'm switching to all Amarok, all the time.

One thing about Linux is that I used not to be able to use sound.  Now, both headphone and speaker output works (Jack and MuseScore haven't been getting along, but that's another rant), but the touchpad won't work.

Meh.  This is a trade-off between writing (something I usually avoid) and playing a some games in an un-optimal position due to losing my two prong front to my charger and the three prong adapter not cooperating my my dining room wall outlet.

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